Please join me in getting excited about my NEW SINGLE, “Smiling“, out now on most digital platforms. It is devoted to the whole quagmire of the moment, and asks for a path to a new sort of kindness. Thank you to the traditions of the kora and mbira, and to Char Rothschild (trpt), Jon Gagan (bass, engineer), Chris Berry (mbira), Tawanda Suessbrich-Joaquim (harmony vocals), and Karina Wilson, Ottmar Liebert (percussion). It comes in advance of my first, self-titled EP coming out August 28.

“I feel the summons to music in the same part of my heart that feels the seasons; the long light, the deep-seated aloneness in our culture, and its longing for company. Call it quirky. Call it New Mexico. I’ll try to play something for both those lineages, and I’ll hope to heal myself and others along the way.”

Singing songs of his own making, and accompanying them with instruments such as the West African kora, Irish bouzouki, piano, and hand percussion, Robby Rothschild draws from the dual wells of tradition and personal expression. Known for his work with his brother Char in the duo Round Mountain, as well as his recent international tours as percussionist for Kip Winger and Ottmar Liebert, Robby’s solo work represents a furthering of his search into musical wilderness.

His musical studies include travels in Ireland and Mali, and immersion in their respective musics, as well as ear training at New England Conservatory of Music, orchestration studies in a municipal conservatory in Paris, and a master’s degree in composition from the University of New Mexico. 


RIGHT NOW: Working to get my solo record ready for you!

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